Reyneh Villa

Reyneh Villa

Location: Reyneh, Amol, Mazandaran, Iran
Area: 400 sqm
Year: 2020
Status: Unbuilt

In recent years, the trend of building villas in the north of the country has increased. Unfortunately, nowadays villas are built in pristine and natural areas, which has caused damage to rural and natural areas. The client wanted to design a villa for spending free time. The site is located in the village of Rineh, which is a mountainous area with unique views. By visiting the site, we observed that the process of villa constructions in this area has also destroyed its nature. This issue became one of the main challenges of the design process. The past villas in all parts of the country, especially in the north of Iran, have valuable examples in which not only the issue of respecting nature and not destroying it was paid attention to, but also the living space was formed in harmony and compatible with nature.

The way of locating the architectural mass on the ground was one of the main challenges of the design, so we decided to return the removed nature to the site as much as possible. Based on this, the architectural mass was not placed on the ground level and above of it, we organized the spaces below the ground level. As a result, the ground level was considered to be an extension of the natural environment. And it prevents the destruction of the view of nature. The site is mountainous and has meandrous ways, which are the paths of the villagers. By walking through them, we are faced with the natural and pristine views around the site. By returning the removed land to the site, the roof of the project becomes an urban pause space (porch) for the villagers, which changes the boundary between private and public space and transforms it from a mere boundary (zero and one) to different levels of space.

Due to the special climatic situation of this region, its past architecture has served to meet its climatic needs, and in many cases, intelligent answers have been provided to solve climatic issues. Roof is considered an important factor in the architecture of the north of the country. Therefore, in the design process, we tried to redefine this topic. The designed roof is a combination of flat and sloping roof so that its upper level is functional.

One of the other important elements in villa construction in the north of the country is the peripheral verandas that are organized all around the plan. In the design process, we tried to redefine the design of terraces and create in-between spaces where You can enjoy the pristine natural scenery around while respecting your privacy.

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